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The weekly email newsletter for collectors and anyone interested in the history and artistry of coins, medals, tokens or paper money worldwide.

If you're not already a subscriber to The E-Sylum, consider signing up. It's a free weekly newsletter published by the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. You don't have to be a member. Begun in 1998, the newsletter goes out by email every Sunday night to over 6,000 numismatic bibliophiles, researchers, and just plain collectors around the world. Topics are all over the numismatic map, and most people find something of interest each week. Coins, tokens, medals and paper money of all time periods are discussed as well as news on a wide spectrum of numismatics and numismatic personalities. We'd love to have you on board.

WHAT'S WITH THE FUNNY NAME? Well, our organization is the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, a group for people who love coin books and are crazy for any and all information about numismatics. Our print journal is The Asylum, so our electronic publication naturally became The E-Sylum. While The E-Sylum is free to all, only paid members of NBS receive The Asylum.

ANA First Place Award Plaque for Outstanding Electronic Numismatic Publication

E-Sylum Wins ANA Award

The E-Sylum has been selected by a panel of judges to receive first place in the Electronic category of the 2021 Barbara J. Gregory Outstanding Club Publications competition. Congratulations!

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-Olivia Crawford, Assistant Editor of The Numismatist

Congratulations on a job that is done not only well, but above and beyond what we coin folks think we need! I was so pleased to hear you and The E-Sylum are getting the "gold medal" in best electronic publication 2021 Barbara J. Gregory Outstanding Club Publications competition, you deserve it, you do a fantastic and often thankless job of putting out the best and most interesting weekly newsletter in numismatics - period!

-Chriss Hoffman, ANA LM #3288, EAC #6202, NBS

"Each week I look forward to finding The E-Sylum in my inbox and digging through all the numismatic related topics. The hundreds of cumulative hours of work that goes into every newsletter is thoughtful, organized and well crafted - thank you for all your time and effort!"

-M.S., ANA member, Salt Lake City, Utah

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful publication. I look forward to The E-Sylum. I was able to pick up a great coin based on your posting in last night's issue. Thanks so much. Keep up the great work. "

- Susan Sims, Clarkdale, AZ

With so much news and information spread across the internet it is nice to have a newsletter like The E-Sylum to consolidate and bring you the coin news of the week. We like knowing that readers can be notified of our auctions and updates by looking here instead of having to seek out the information themselves.

-Paul Montz, Stephen Album Rare Coins

Great E-Sylum issue. I laughed heartily at Joe Levine's inscription to John Ford. And the story about the teenager stealing the coins on display was also interesting. It seems every story, however trivial, is worth reading and well written. Your efforts are much appreciated.

-Alan V. Weinberg, Woodland Hills, California

"Each week The E-Sylum is my most eagerly awaited read. The brightest minds in numismatics contribute to it over such a varied range of topics. While numismatic literature is the driving theme, I find that peripheral anecdotes and objects still find ready acceptance. Since I collect and study items that pertain to the history of the numismatic hobby, I appreciate being able to share these with readers, and their inclusion often launches a variety of responses the following week that add to my own knowledge."

-David W. Lange, Lakewood Ranch, FL

What I like most about The E-Sylum is the scope. So many different areas are covered --- Ancient, Foreign, US. Coins, medals, paper money, books, and books about books; stories about collectors and their collections -- and everything is just so interesting.

My hobby is limited to U.S. Large Cents --- and just the year of 1794 because it has 69 distinct varieties. But I always look forward to your outstanding e-mail.

-Chuck Heck, Bluffton, South Carolina

I live in Ireland and the nearest coin club is over 200 miles away from me. Still, I never feel isolated! Every Monday morning, I get to hang out with some of the finest numismatists from around the world through the pages of The E-Sylum which is by far the best numismatic publication out there. Got a question? Ask away. You're almost sure to get an answer - no matter what the topic! In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a friendlier, more knowledgeable group of people anywhere. And besides all that, it's free!

Darryl Atchison, F.C.N.R.S. (Editor of Canadian Numismatic Bibliography)

In just over twenty years, in an Internet environment swarming with noise, clutter, and confusion, the E-Sylum has emerged as a rock-solid haven for numismatic news, authoritative information, and remarkably productive crowdsourcing and dialogue. It's entertaining, at times provocative, and always thought-provoking–an invaluable meeting place akin to a fin de siècle Viennese café in the atrium of a numismatic research library nestled in the center of a twenty-story, ten-block museum.

–Dennis Tucker, Publisher, Whitman Publishing

As someone living in the UK, I greatly appreciate all the hard work that goes into compiling The E-Sylum and I very much look forward to reading each edition as it comes out.

-Martin Warburton, Stamford, England

The E-Sylum is the best online publication. It keeps people informed and interested and brings a desire to get more involved to being a better numismatist.

John Linhoss, Waynesboro, Virginia

Content presented in The E-Sylum is not necessarily researched or independently fact-checked, and views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society.

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